mini Catapult : Siege Engine Engineering Kit

$ 18.99

Are you gearing up to defend your fort against a horde of beasts? Look no further because a catapult is exactly what you need! Introducing the mini catapult kit, adorable and perfect for your defense needs. A shrunk down historic replica of Leonardo Da Vinci’s catapult design. With this engineering kit learn about simple machines. Once built, you can launch mini projectiles and fend off those pesky beasts.

Catapults have been used since ancient times as a powerful siege weapon. They work on the principle of stored energy, which is released to hurl projectiles over long distances. Historically, catapults were used to breach fortifications, launch projectiles over walls, and create chaos within enemy ranks. Today, they are often used in educational settings to demonstrate physics and engineering principles.

This DIY mini model kit is hands-on learning at its best. Model building kits decrease stress, increase focus, organization, spatial and fine motor skills. A mini wooden craft kit to explore engineering, simple machines, and historic replicas. A great summer craft for kids, teens, and adults that will bring all ages together for a project.


  • Pre-cut wooden models for DIY assembly
  • For ages 8+
  • Estimated build time 30 minutes
  • Built dimensions 7”x 2 ¼” x 3 ½”  (mini!)
  • Includes educational instructional manual