mini Cannon : Siege Engine Engineering Kit

$ 18.99

Do you need to invade a dragon's secret lair? Look no further because a bombard is exactly what you need! Introducing the mini cannon, a handy kit perfect for your siege equipment needs.

Learn about engineering simple machines with this STEM building kit. Once built, you can launch mini projectiles and fend off those clever beasts.

A bombard, also known as a cannon, was large and heavy and required a crew to operate, but this historical replica has shrunk down to a mini size. Da Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man, was a skilled artist, engineer, and military mastermind. He designed this bombard to launch heavy objects using gunpowder to propel the projectiles over distances. Today, bombards are often studied in historical contexts to understand the progression of warfare and engineering. With this DIY mini model, you may be able to lay siege to a cookie jar.

This DIY mini-model kit is hands-on learning at its best. Model building kits decrease stress, increase focus, organization, spatial and fine motor skills. A mini wooden craft kit to explore engineering, simple machines, and historic replicas. A great summer craft for kids, teens, and adults that will bring all ages together for a project.


Pre-cut wooden models for DIY assembly

For ages 8+

Estimated build time 30 minutes

Built dimensions 4 ¼” x 2 ½” x 3 ½”  (mini!)

Includes educational instruction manual