Meteor Bites Ice Cream: Strawberry Swirl

$ 12.99

Get ready for the best tasting freeze-dried ice cream in the Milky Way! This astronaut ice cream is light years ahead. We start with the most delicious strawberry ice cream using real fruit and premium ingredients.

Then we transform ice cream into this crunchy, creamy, un-meltable treat using freeze-drying (AKA lyophilization). We apply extreme cold and low pressure, much like outer space, to draw out all liquid, and you’ve got freeze-dried ice cream! Ice cream transformed into a no-melt, no-mess, ready-to-enjoy anywhere sweet freeze-dried treat. The rich, creamy ice cream texture is preserved, but it’s also airy and crunchy.

This freeze-dried ice cream is the perfect no-melt, lightweight, take-anywhere treat for kids and adults. It’s the treat you’ve been looking for when you want for

  • listening to music in a cozy space pod
  • making snow angels on Pluto
  • hiking on the moon
  • dancing with astronauts

Made in the USA