Crystal Growing Douglas Fir | Fast growing crystal science

$ 9.98

Evergreen Science!

Our scientists have distilled this quintessential tree into a beautiful new crystal growing kit. These look amazing on your shelf all year round but kicks it up a notch for the holidays.

Just add water - grows fast. You will see crystals growing over hours.

East Coast or West Coast? Northwest or Midwest? Wherever you hail from, what's local to you and think is the best coast: we've got evergreen science for you!

As with all traditions, which Christmas tree you think is the best varies by region. Or whichever tree says home to you no matter what time of year. Our scientists have distilled this majestic coniferous tree of the Pacific Northwest into a beautiful new kit. This looks amazing on your store shelf all year but kicks it up a notch for the winter holidays. (If the Douglas Fir doesn't make your heart sing, maybe our Balsam Fir will!)

These terraforming kits are great for people going to new planets or just wanting to make something grow. They quickly grow lush with our micro-crystal technology. Forge new worlds!

Ages 6 and up

Safe and non-toxic