Gootonium: Iridescent Blue putty

$ 12.00
Think liquid metal or a blue morpho butterfly. In developing this putty, we came upon a word for blue: "hoovaloo," meaning an intelligent blue. This Gootonnuim is full of intelligent blues and a spectrum of other colors. It's beautiful to look at & satisfying to smush & stretch.

How do you make the best putty better? Go back to the elemental things.

* Add a lot more putty - 3 x more putty.
* Make it more iridescent
* Improve the packaging
* And have it come in a handy point-of-sale

This elemental stuff is a non-Newtonian matter that acts like a FLUID and a SOLID. It can also stretch, bounce, shatter, and other cool stuff.l stuff.

Soon, I will be putty in your hands.