• (Free) nanoTech : Strain Expansion

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  • This is a free print and play expansion that gives the game 8 new tiles that provide interesting twists to the base game.

    The nanoTech expansion includes:

    3 new Organism tiles - a 3,5, and 7!

    2 new Organelles - The NanoFroundry and Stem Cell

    1 new Virus - The Trojan Horse!

    1 new Catalyst - Synthetic Victory

    1 new Chain Reaction - The Buckyball


    Also included are blank tiles of each type for you to create and brew your own ideas for Strain!


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    No one is safe when the nanoTech expansion is installed. Enjoy!




  • (Free) nanoTech : Strain Expansion
  • (Free) nanoTech : Strain Expansion
  • (Free) nanoTech : Strain Expansion

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