Strain FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our game, and, more importantly, answers to these questions.

Can I ask you questions about your game?

Yes. Contact me via Twitter or by email. I’ll update this article if I receive more questions that I know the answer to.

Where can I get STRAIN?

Look for Strain at your favorite toy/game store near year you. If it is not there... Demand that they carry it!
Also you may get it directly from us here. Now with improved international shipping options!

I would like to carry STRAIN in my store?

For all wholesale inquiries please contact me at Copernicus Toys.

Do I have to know any science to play STRAIN?

Nope! Absolutely no scientific knowledge is necessary. A little rub might off on you while playing this game as we tried to base it on real scientific principles and vocabulary.

Are there any video examples of the the game?

We have posted some videos that help explain the various mechanics used in the game. You may view them here.

Do the rules come in another languages besides english?

Yes! Our community has graciously translated them in to Spanish, Korean, French and Catalan. Download these translations here.

Will there be any expansions?


What are the blue test tubes on the tokens for?

Currently they are just the back design of the token and have no special use. I do have an idea for a future expansion that would use those icons.

What happens if a deck gets exhausted?

Shuffle the discard pile of that deck and resume playing.

How does the Organism tile get into play?

The Organism tiles can be brought into play during the Build phase. It does not cost any ATP to bring them into play. There is a limit of one per turn just like the Cytoplasm tiles. Download the most up to date rules here.

Can I combine ATP and Toxins from multiple organisms?

Yes you may use any of your available toxin from any or all your organisms to kill any virus or attack others organisms.

Can others at the table participate in a battle with Chain Reaction Tiles?

Yes, others can participate by using their "play anytime" tiles. The timing of such a situation works like this: Player(A) Starts the chain by initiating a battle, all other players now can add to the chain starting clockwise from Player(A).

Does the Frustule tile have a typo?

It did. See the error and correction below. This has been fixed along with some other typos in the newer versions of the game.