Strain : A Family Game of Competitive Bioengineering

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3 to 7 players race to create microorganisms by placing Organelles and Cytoplasm around their Organism tiles. Players battle each other by deploying Toxin attacks and placing Virus tiles on opponents. 

Strategic tension and timing come from the need to use your Organisms tiles to make ATP (the currency of the game) or Toxin (the ability to attack) causing your organism to lose resistance and become more vulnerable. Dealing with this delicate balance of weakening to become stronger is key to the game. Gameplay is quick and easy to learn.

This game is infectious fun. It is easy to learn, fast-moving, and looks great. No science knowledge is needed to play. 

You must evolve, adapt, and outsmart to build the mightiest microorganisms. Use your resources to add powerful organelles, infect opponents with Viruses, and harness Chain reactions to achieve a big victory! 

Game Play:
A players turn consists of 3 phases:
(1) Activate Dormant tiles & Draw 3 tiles into the hand
(2) Build up your Organisms by playing tiles & Attacking others
(3) Score Organisms & Discard all but 4 tiles

The object of the Game:
The first player to complete 12 victory points by completing and scoring their microorganisms wins the game.

80 Cytoplasm tiles
100 Petri Dish tiles (Organelles, Virus, Actions)
40 Organism tiles
64 Resistance tokens
Simple full-color rules